What is a Senior Walker?

When we talk about a senior walker, we can say that it is equipment that helps an individual to walk with better stability and ease. It is more important for people who cannot walk without the support of having a grasp grip. In the previous decade, we have seen sticks that were used for senior people wherever they had to go somewhere; sticks were used to help them walk with better stability and support. As this is the era of innovation, manufacturers have designed even better and advanced equipment that is named as a senior walker.

Importance of a Walker for an Elderly Person

One of the most common and frequently asked questions is why should a person use a walker instead of a stick? The answer is pretty simple. It has advanced features that make it better to use than sticks. Walkers have fixed and flexible rotating wheels and give you an opportunity to walk with ease. Not only this, walkers are featured with forearm-resting holders in which a person can rest his/her forearms in it and walk with better stability. They help in preventing from falling off and give you a more secure and safe walking experience.

Are you looking for the best walker for seniors in 2020? Walkers are one of the basic necessities of elderly people and they can walk independently. Walkers are used for seniors who have long term balance or mobility issues. Walking sticks or crutches can be used for people having short term mobility issues. But the long term use of sticks can cause postural issues or it can also affect the flow of blood. No doubt, walkers are more ergonomic and they provide natural support in walking. Walkers reduce the burden of arms, wrist, and hands which make them ideal for senior citizens suffering from arthritis and joint inflammation. Walkers provide you with more safety, stability and support than all other assistive mobility devices. 

Different options are available when it comes to walkers for senior but which one will suit you? To make the right decision lets discuss different types of walkers.

Types of Walkers 

When it comes to senior walkers, multiple options are available in the market. Each of the walkers is designed with a specific purpose. This article will help you to pick up the right one which can fulfill your needs and help you in walking independently. 

Standard Senior Walker

A standard senior walker is the simplest walker with four legs that provides support to the user. Standard walkers are light in weight as they made up of aluminum. It is considered to be the best support provider for seniors. If you have some kind of injuries and cannot walk freely, a standard senior walker will be the perfect choice for you. However, standard walkers are suitable for a smooth surface and slow movement. If you lack upper body strength, this walker is not for you. 

How to Use the Walker?

If you want to use a standard walker for the first time, it is very important to understand how to use it. In order to start walking with the help of a walker, you can set the walker off the ground and place it down a few steps and so on. Practice it for a few days; this is how you can learn how to walk with the help of a standard walker. 

Walker is also suitable for going up and downstairs. If you want to go up with the help of a walker, you can place one hand on the walker and others on the stair railing. The most important thing to learn is that you have to lead your stronger leg when going up and weaker leg when going down. This technique can make you go up and down easily.

Front-Wheel Senior Walkers

The front-wheel senior walker is similar to the standard walker except for the front two legs. The non-swiveling front wheels help in walking on the non-smooth surfaces. The front-wheel senior walkers are designed to push forward rather than lifting up. If you have some kind of injuries or pains in your upper body, this type of walker is perfect for you. They provide less stability than standard walkers. Some of the models of front-wheel senior walkers have removable wheels and they can be converted into standard walkers.

Rollator Senior Walkers

Rollator walkers are also called rolling senior walkers. This type of walker has three to four wheels. Hand-operated brakes are also present on rollator senior walkers. All of the legs in rollators have wheels, some of them have swivel which facilitates users in turning around. If you have a relatively good balance and need little support then this type of walker should be your first priority. 

Most of the models of rollator come with pouch, baskets or built-in seats. Rollator senior walkers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is a little bit hard to fold up rollators as they are slightly heavier than traditional walkers. 

What Points Should Be Noted When Buying a Senior Walker?

Looking to buy one of the best walkers for you or your seniors? Try to find a walker that can fulfill your basic needs and fits on your body. It is very important to analyze your situation and specific needs. We have discussed a few factors which can help you in choosing the best walker for seniors:

Width of the Walker

If you are looking for a walker for indoor needs, keep in mind its width should be less than the width of your home doors.  Bathroom doors are usually less wide; some of them are only 22 inches or less than it. So, carefully check your door’s width before buying a walker for your parents or grandparents. The width between the handles of a walker is also very important. The lower body of the user should fit inside the walker and there should be an inch of clearance on both sides. A walker with a comfortable seat is preferable.

Weight of the Walker

The walker should be light in weight as it is not easy to use heavy walkers. No matter, which type of walker you are going to use, less weight will help you to carry it easily. The lightweight factor is extremely important if you are looking for a standard walker as the walker has to be lifted on each step the user makes. 

Height of Handle

The handles of the walker should not be too low because it will create difficulty for the user to hunch over. Handles should not be too high because the user will feel trouble in this situation. The best walker is one that can be adjusted according to height. To find a perfect size of the walker you can measure the height of the user who is going to use a walker. If you are looking for a walker for yourself, you can ask your friend to measure from the floor to your wrist while standing. 

Height of Seat

Most of the rollators come with built-in seats but it is very important to match the height of the seat with your height. To have an idea about the seat you can check your home chair, if you get in and out of the chair easily, you can buy a rollator having a seat of the same height. Some of the models of rollators are also available which allow you to adjust the height of the seat. 

The Capacity of a Walker

The weight limit is another important factor that should be considered when buying a walker. Most of the walkers have a weight limit so try to find the one which works for you. Normally walkers are designed for people having weight 250 to 300 pounds. Some models are also available which support 500 pounds. So, find the one according to your weight. 

Foldable Quality

Some walkers have a great folding feature. You can fold them while traveling and folding is quite easy. It helps you to carry them easily while traveling. Some of the foldable walkers come with a basket. You have to remove the basket before folding it. If you want to keep it in your storeroom and you have a storage space issue, you should buy a foldable walker without a basket. Try to find a walker model which can be folded down to a manageable size. 

Price of the Walker

The normal price of a senior walker is between $40to $150 but the cost of the walker varies. Rollators are relatively expensive than the standard walkers. You can choose the best walker according to your budget and needs. 

PCP Titanium Lightweight Rollator 

PCC titanium lightweight rollator is one of the best walkers for seniors which are available in affordable price. If you are looking for an affordable walker for your seniors then this product is perfect for you. The product has hand brakes that allow you to lock the back wheels easily. You just have to press the brakes and the back wheels will be locked automatically. 

The product has a comfortable backrest and seat which are made up of artificial foam. The PCP titanium lightweight rollator has 17 pounds of weight. 



Space Saver Walker for Seniors – Able Life Walker

Space saver walker is specially designed for seniors having injuries in back, arms and legs because it reduces the strain on these body parts. Most of the walkers have four wheels but the life space saver walker has only two wheels which are the main reason it is stored compactly. The walker can be folded into a smaller size so if you have a storage issue, this would be a perfect walker for you. 

Able life has designed the walker with aluminum by keeping in mind space issues. Its weight is only 8 pounds which are almost half of other rollators.  It is very easy to fold the space saver walker. You just have to unclip the central bar and then push it on each side together. The width of the folded walker is only seven inches which allows you to carry in the car or place it in your closet.  You can also replace its parts such as handgrips, accessory pouches, ski glides or wheels. 



Why Do We Recommend This Product? 

This is one of the best space saver walkers. It reduces the burden from back, arms and legs. So people with back injuries should buy this product. Another important factor is you can carry it easily while traveling. But if you are taller than six feet, this walker is not for you. 

3 Wheel Carex Walker

The 3 wheel carex walker is completely different from all other walkers when it comes to design. It has only 3 wheels instead of 4.  The main advantage of the walker is to turn it in a compact space. The three-wheel design also reduces the weight of the walker. According to carex, we have used three wheels to manage its weight. The front side of the walker has only one wheel which makes it easier to direct when the user pushes it. You will just have to point out the direction where you want to go and it will manage the rest.  Moreover, the lack of a fourth wheel makes it easier to fold it down. 



Compact Rollator for Seniors by Health Line

The goal of the health line company is to provide health-conscious customers with high-quality products. They have designed this compact rollator which helps you to achieve good mobility. The compact rollator provides full support and offers full functionality.  The product is designed for people having a height from 5 feet to 6 feet and one inch. 

The product has a unique feature that allows you to fold the rollator with one hand. The product has an incredible compact quality which makes your journey easier by allowing you to put the walker in your storage bag. The compact rollator has ribbed wheels that provide smooth and reliable walking experience.  If you are going out with a compact rollator, you do not need to worry about pumps on the ground. 



Why Do We Recommend This Product? 

It is a perfect product for your seniors if they have to travel frequently. It is best for outdoor due to its compact nature and easy to fold quality. If you are health conscious, you must buy this product as it is approved by the FDA.

Beyour Euro Style Stand Up Walker

Beyour stand up walker has gained huge popularity due to its specifications and advanced features. It is also preferred more due to its flexibility and structure. With its flexibility, a person can walk with it in any position he wants to. When we talk about its structure, it is very light in weight, which makes it even easier to carry around and to travel with it. It is specially designed for ease and comfort which can be folded and packed. The product is made up of high-quality material which makes it more reliable. 

As in previous years, it was a major turn down for walking sticks and walkers that used to be less durable and used to break easily after being dropped. To improve this, they have focused on making Beyour stand up walker that is more durable and long-lasting. It is known for its durability and long-lasting quality. What else could be a better option than buying Beyour euro style stand up a walker?



Oasis Space Aluminum Rollator Walker

When we talk about the Oasis space aluminum rollator walker, we get to know that it has been a true inspiration for the use of aluminum which was derived from the concept of a bicycle manufacturer industry. The good thing about the walker is that it is featured with semi-finished paint which consists of bright blue color that is very closely related to bicycles that are being used in mountains. Not only this but, they are featured with an efficient and effective brake system to make it more secure and safe to use. 

The exceptional feature of the oasis space rollator walker is that it is supported with built-in 10 inches wheels at the front side making it better to walk with ease. The wheels are made up of rubber which helps to reduce the resistance that prevents the individual from bumping and flipping when using it outside.

Oasis Space is considered for its lightweight which makes it easier to carry around. It also has a folding feature that makes it portable and can be packed perfectly in a suitcase.



Why to Choose an Oasis Space Aluminum Rollator Walker?

The most frequently asked question regarding about oasis space aluminum walker is that why should we consider to buy it? The answer is pretty simple. The oasis aluminum spacewalker is designed and known for its compatibility and comfort which makes it worth to buy. Not only this but, it has stability and firm forearm grip which makes it more secure and safe to use. Its price is also affordable which makes it easier to buy. What else could be a better option than considering buying an oasis space, aluminum walker?

Vive Folding Rollator Walker

When we talk about the vive folding rollator walker, it is somehow an identical concept with its design which is similar to beyour walkers. The differences are also existing when we compare one from another. The first thing we note is the outer frame which is built with wider legs and its wheels are situated afar from the individual’s feet, which eliminates the person from the risk of falling and tripping. The body is made up of aluminum which is very light in weight. It can be easily carried anywhere a person travels. 

Due to its folding feature, it is very effective to be used in traveling as it can be perfectly packed in the suitcase and can be carried anywhere you go. Vive is designed to make it more considerable for people to buy it due to its availability of multiple-choice colors. Whichever color you think would match with you, it is considered to be known for matching with an individual. The product comes in multiple colors which makes it perfect for style-conscious users. 

Why to Choose a Folding Rollator Walker?

 The folding rollator walker is designed by keeping in mind the portability factor so it is more ideal for traveling. As it can be packed right in your bag or suitcase, it is easy to carry around wherever you go. Not only this but, it has stability and firm grip which makes it more secure and safe to use. What else could be a better option than a folding rollator walker? Try this right now.



Medline Freedom Ultralight Rollator Walker

When we talk about the Medline freedom ultralight rollator walker, it has a unique and luxurious as it comes with a built-in seat. As previous walkers did not have a seat, and an individual had to walk with it, now the greatest change we have seen in Medline freedom ultralight rollator walker is that a person can sit in a comfortable position while using it. It gives individuals ease from walking and he/she can sit around and a second person can make him walk without using his legs, this is just like a trolley. 

Medline is made up of premium quality and design which makes it stand out from other walkers. It is known for its comfort and luxury. It is one of the most innovative concepts for helping people to walk with ease. Medline can carry the weight up to more than 200 pounds which makes it rough and tough to use. It also has a built-in folding feature that makes it easy to fold and pack in the suitcase which can be perfectly used for traveling. However, the Medline is known for its quality and built-in features, which makes it cost more than basic walkers. With its smooth and stable wheels, it gives an individual experience of comfort and luxury. It is to be considered as a premium walker.  

Why Freedom Rollator Walker?

Is freedom walker worth enough to buy? That’s why we have highlighted this question to get better knowledge about the freedom rollator walker. The first thing that comes in our mind is the quality of the walker and its body structure. As freedom rollator walker comes with premium quality with the rough and tough body, it makes it more durable and long-lasting. It has smooth wheels that enhance the walking experiences for seniors; it adds comfort and relaxation which makes it worth to buy. It is also very sleek and stylish in look which makes it stunning and stands out with the rest of the walkers. So what are you looking for? Grab the product right now.



Stander EZ fold-N-GO Walker 

Looking to buy a stander EZ fold-N-GO walker? It is one of the best walkers because it is designed for carrying it around due to its portability. The walker is just 8 pounds in weight, which makes it easier to carry it from one place to another. Not only this, but it also folds into half, which enhances the use of it for traveling as it can easily be packed in the suitcase or bag wherever you go. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from its competitors and adds a competitive advantage. 

One of the best features we have seen in this walker is that it has an adjustable height that can vary from 30 inches to 40 inches. It has a built-in pouch that can carry important items in it safely and securely. It has smooth wheels which makes it a comfortable experience for individuals to walk with ease. It has been known for its quality and comfort to use.  

Why Stander EZ fold-N-GO Walker?

If you are tired of paying for maintaining the services of your walker which keeps on increasing your expense, then stander EZ fold-N-GO walker is the best option for you. As it comes with a lifetime warranty which has no expiry, it cut down your expense as the warranty covers the half payment which reduces your expense efficiently. Also, it has an adjustable height that is perfectly fit for every individual with different height. If you are considering to buy a walker, then you must buy a stander EZ fold-N-GO walker.



Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker 

Medline premium empowers rollator walker is the perfect walker for senior citizens. However, the differences come in Medline premium empower rollator walker as it consists of the premium quality which makes it better than basic Medline walker. The body of it is made up of aluminum which makes it rough and tough in quality that will not break easily. The best feature about this walker is that it has a comfortable spongy seat which adds a relaxation for the individuals. It is known for its comfort and luxury building. It also consists of an adjustable height seat that helps the individuals to sit according to the height which adds comfort in it and prevents the back pain and strains in the body. It also has an adjustable forearms rest which individuals can use to rest their arms in it.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This is one of the best walkers for seniors. The Medline premium empowers rollator walker is equipped with a seat. The benefit of having a seat in the walker is that it helps to prevent back pain and body strain which makes it perfect for seniors. Nothing else can be a better option than Medline premium empowers rollator. It is famous for luxury and comfort which makes it worth to buy.



Final Words

We have discussed different types of walkers with all the prominent features and pros and cons of each product. All of the products are designed for senior citizens according to their needs and requirements. You can choose any of the above-mentioned walkers for your seniors but if you are looking for another walker, you can read our buyer guide section. We have discussed some important factors which will help you in buying the right product.

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