Top 15 Easy-to-read Watches For the Elderly

Watches are essential accessories for everyone. They not only make a fashion statement, but they also help us to keep on track throughout the day. However, as people start to age, they begin having trouble reading regular watches. The numerals used seem to be too small, and it becomes challenging to precisely identify where the […]

Best 15 Comfort Height Toilets For the Elderly

Every human being uses a toilet to pass waste. For young people, this may not present any challenge, no matter the height of the toilet seat. However, bending down on the toilet seat and standing up again is a tough task for the seniors. Fortunately, there are toilet seats that are designed with a taller […]

15 best Velcro Shoes For the Elderly

Velcro shoes are recommended for the elderly because they are easy to wear and remove compared to shoes with buckles and shoelaces. In addition, when strapped on, they do not become lose until they opened. Shoelaces can unfasten easily, which is a big hassle for senior citizens and can lead to a fall.  This is […]

Best Walkers For Seniors

What is a Senior Walker? When we talk about a senior walker, we can say that it is equipment that helps an individual to walk with better stability and ease. It is more important for people who cannot walk without the support of having a grasp grip. In the previous decade, we have seen sticks […]

Best Non-Slip Shower Mat For Seniors

Shower mats are one of the most important bathroom accessories for seniors. According to NIA (National Institute of aging) research, more than 30% of senior persons slip every year and most of them fall in the bathroom. Most of the bathrooms are decorated with beautiful tiles having the slippery surface which can be very dangerous […]